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Personalized, quality assisted living and memory care conveniently located in tranquil Kingwood, TX.

Memory Care

Rest assured knowing you or your loved ones are safe, secure, and well taken care of in a home-like atmosphere. Our staff are well equipped to care for individuals with a range of memory issues. READ MORE

Assisted Living

Our residential setting feels just like home. Our services are customized according to the level of care requested. READ MORE

Our Services

Our services range from light personal care and providing hot meals, to memory care assistance with activities of daily living. READ MORE

Our Facilities

Our small-scale assisted living & memory care facility has the comforts of home, and conscientious staff, while also providing security and peace of mind for your loved ones. READ MORE

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Choosing the Right Kingwood Senior Living Community for a Loved One with Dementia

Placing a loved one in a senior living community in Kingwood is a very difficult decision.  However, making that choice can be a blessing once you have navigated the road of finding the location and care that your loved one requires.  The first plan of action is to sit down make a list of your loved ones needs.  


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Myths about Assisted Living Facilities in Kingwood

An assisted living facility can help your loved one with daily activities as well as personal care. Most facility programs provide help with things like bathing, dressing, medication management, and provide meals. Your loved one will also have access to exercise and social activities helping those who can no longer live on their own, and provide a better quality of life.


Kingwood Memory Care

Early Onset Dementia

Early Onset accounts for about 5% of the population and is quite rare for the young.  Disease of the brain, poor health and nutrition can contribute to that younger individual experiencing brain function decline.  And truly, all of us should be actively trying to protect our brain by doing some of the same things those that have the disease should do.  


Kingwood Memory Care and Assisted Living

Located in a quiet, residential area of Kingwood, Texas our brand new facility will make you feel right at home.

Kingwood Memory and Assisted Living is a family owned and operated facility which specializes in small scale, residential memory care and assisted living homes.

This allows for compassionate, individualized care. We strive to assist individuals needing memory care or assisted living to feel at home, and to provide peace of mind to their loved ones, while delivering the highest standard of care.  READ MORE